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2013.05.03. 7:27

Nilfisk Multi 20 és Multi 30
These Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are of robust construction and high power, making them ideal for cleaning workshops, car interiors, garages and wet rooms.These machines are perfect for suction of wet and dry dirt - outdoor and indoor - thanks to the new Nifisk wet and dry filter. They are vacuum cleaners without compromise in both operating mode and user-friendliness.


Multi 20 Multi 30

In the Nilfisk wet and dry vacuum product range you find several models with different features and benefits, but common denominators for all models are:

 Blow function   Blow function. The days where you spend half a day blowing up your rubber boat are gone – now it only takes about 20 seconds – thanks to the automatic blow function.



 Push&Clean   Push&Clean. The exclusive Push&Clean semi-automatic filter cleaning system is featured on all models – you only have to push a button and the filter is cleaned in a few minutes.
 Quick Park   Quick Park is a feature that helps you quickly and easily to place and store the extension tube in a unique and specially developed holder on the machine.
Wet&Dry filter   

Wet & dry filter. If you from time to time need to suck up water from your basement or from the floor, this machine is a must – use the same filter for liquids and dry dirt.

Water suction outdoor video

Water suction indoor video



  The -T models are equipped with a socket where you can connect your electric power tools. The machine automatically starts and stops when the power tool is switched on and off. 

Multi 20 Inox      Multi 30   Multi 20