Nilfisk Extreme Eco is a Showcase

2013.05.03. 7:27

The EnergyFlex House is a project led by the Danish Technological Institute to develop and showcase innovative energy and environmentally friendly solutions for homes. Not surprisingly, the vacuum usedfor cleaning it is the Nilfisk Extreme Eco, a unit that features energy efficiency, superb dust control, and re-cyclability.

COP15 Attention

    The EnergyFlex House is receiving international recognition, most especially because of the global attention being paid to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen in December. It is a working laboratory dedicated to studying and developing new energy and environmental technologies.
Why Extreme Eco?
  The Nilfisk Extreme Eco vacuum cleaner combines a high performance power, with level of only 1250W low energy consumption. Its high quality motor is itself energy efficient, and the unit is designed to minimize airflow losses. This means that the energy consumed is used to the best possible effect, in other words getting high ‘mileage’ from the electricity used.
The HEPA dust filtration means that even the microscopically small dust particles, far too tiny to be seen by the naked eye, are captured. This is a very important feature for people suffering from asthma and allergies that can be triggered by dust particles.

Meeting the demands of the future
In addition to being energy efficient and allergy friendly, more than 95% of the Nilfisk Extreme Eco is recyclable. For all these reasons, this unit is highly suitable for cleaning the EnergyFlex House. The company’s aim in developing the Extreme Eco vacuum has been to ensure that the cleaning of buildings can meet the strict environmental demands of the future.