We take it to the Extreme

2008.10.31. 0:00


The switch has been tested to survive at least 50.000 operations, equivalent to a lightweight boxer constantly beating on the button for 16 hours.

Nilfisk values are durability, efficiency, functionality and uniqueness of design. The new Nilfisk Extreme series is designed to be durable, while, at the same time, making cleaning easy and ergonomically efficient.


The top model features remote control, ergonomic handle and telescopic tube, exclusive accessories on-board and unique floor nozzles. Plus a 2100W motor and a HEPA filter. No wonder it's called Extreme.


Nilfisk - A world of features

Extreme dust pick-up      Allergy filtration     Extremely silent   5 years guarantee

To pass the test

  • Hose: Must complete 7.000 bending cycles with 4 kg load
  • Cable: Must complete 6.000 rewinder pull-outs
  • Combi Nozzle: Wheels must complete 500 km endurance test
  • Wheels: Must roll over 37.000 door steps

Consumer's everyday lives are the testing ground for our machines

The development and test department at Nilfisk is one of the world's most professional. The standards we set ourselves are just as high as those we set for the durability, functionality and efficiency of our vacuum cleaners.

The durability limits of every mechanical function in our machines are analysed by repeated operation, literally thousands of times.

Only by repeating testing we can supply a product which can be totally relied on to deliver quality.