Extreme free - 100 years with vacuum cleaners

2013.05.03. 7:27

To celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the first Nilfisk vacuum cleaner, we are introducing the new Extreme model: Nilfisk Extreme Free.

The Nilfisk Extreme Free has all the benefits from the Extreme range:

Allergy filtration
Low sound level
Excellent performance
5 years guarantee

As an extra benefit, the Extreme Free has a radio remote controlled bent end/handle, which allows the user to switch on/ off, and to adjust the suction power without bending down.

The result is - Easy operation and maximum freedom for the user!

Nilfisk 1910-2010:

With 2000 Danish Kroner and a lathe P.A. Fisker starts his farsighted production in a backyard workshop in 1906. Nilfisk is founded on Fisker's highly detailed designs for small electric motors, and in 1910 he patents the first electrical vacuum cleaner in Europe, in a time where the television is unheard of, and radio transmission still in its infancy.

The Nilfisk vacuum cleaner C1 is the first such machine in Europe that can be operated by a single person. It weighs a 'mere' 17.5 kilograms. At the time, other machines are huge in comparison, needing 4 or more operators. Often, the machine was situated outside the house with the hose dragged in through the window.
The Nilfisk vacuum cleaner is in great demand, and the export is organised as early as 1911. In 1914 the first sales offices opens in Germany and Great Britain. Nilfisk launches a new vacuum cleaner in 1922 and exports are booming…..

Today Nilfisk-Advance is a truly global company with sales companies in 42 countries and distributors in more than 70.

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