Easier cleaning for garden furniture and car wheels

2008.11.06. 0:00

The Nilfisk brushes, Garden Brush and Rim Brush for cleaning your furniture and your car wheels respectively, mean effective cleaning of larger surfaces and inaccessible corners.

When wind and rain have left their mark, the answer is at hand with the Garden Brush and the Rim Brush for fitting on a high pressure washer. These two brushes can reach into all the nooks and crannies impossible to reach with normal brushes - effectively, and without the need for force.

Garden Brush is specially designed for cleaning garden furniture, fences and other outdoor woodwork, regardless of whether the surface is rough, varnished or painted. But it is also suitable for other materials, such as plastic. Combined with a detergent for dissolving algae and dirt, the special cone-shaped design and rotating bristles quickly take care of the rest.
The Rim Brush can reach right in to the inside of a wheel, thanks to its unique shape, and is suitable for cars, motorbikes, scooters and bikes. Combined with a detergent, even dried-on brake dust is quickly removed from the most awkward corners. Furthermore, the Rim Brush is perfect for use on other inaccessible parts of the vehicle.

A water turbine drives the brushes with a built-in gearbox to ensure that the bristles rotate efficiently, yet without achieving a speed which wastes water and causes a mess. Both brushes can be fitted to all Nilfisk high pressure washers.

The head of both brushes can be quickly and easily changed using a unique click-system. Depending on the job to be done, the brush can be changed to one which is harder or softer; red for car wheels and black for garden furniture.

The Garden Brush cleans garden furniture thoroughly

The Rim Brush removes dried-on brake dust from even the most awkward corners of the wheel

Garden Brush and Rim Brush are available from DIY stores.